Chul PARK. Ensemble 18-32. 2018.
Korean paper Natural dyes. 66x66cm

Chul PARK. Ensemble 19-14. 2019.
Korean paper Natural dyes. 66x66cm


1950, Born in Korea/ Present: Professor of Hong-ik University graduate school Department of Art


Master of Education in Art Education, Kyunghee University, Seoul/ Bachelor of Art in Painting, Hongik University, Seoul


2019, Gallery Dado, Seoul/ 2018, Cube Art Museum, Seongnam, Korea/ 2017, Gallery Juliana, Seoul/ 2014, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju, Korea/ 2009, Gallery Sun, Seoul/ 2007, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul/ 1998, Galerie BHAK, Seoul/ 1996, Walker Hill Art Museum, Seoul/ 1994, Gallery Petley Jones, Vancouver, Canada/ 1993, Galerie Beeldspraak, Amsterdam, Netherlands/ 1991, Galerie Hofstraat, Rijnsburg, Netherlands/ 1991, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, France/ Representing 50 galleries such as Gallery Seoul since in 1978

Chul PARK. Ensemble 18-33. 2018.
Korean paper Natural dyes. 66x66cm

Chul PARK. Ensemble 20-33. 2020.
Korean paper Natural dyes. 51x51cm


2020, Paintings made from Paper, Leeungno Museum, Daejeon, Korea/ 2020~1997 KIAF, LA, Cologne, Miami, NY, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Brussels, Stuttgart Art Fair/ 2015, White Echoes: Poetics of Hanji and Contemporary Art, Museum SAN, Kangwon-do, Korea/ 1999, Contemporary Korean Paper Art, Gorcums Museum, Netherlands/ 1983, The 17th SaoPaulo Biennale, Brazil


The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul/ Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul/ Pusan Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pusan, Korea/ Walkerhill Art Museum, Seoul/ Sungkok art Museum, Seoul/ Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi-do, Korea/ Hongik Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul/ Park Soo Keun Museum of Art, Kangwon-do, Korea/ Seosomun shrines history Museum, Seou/l Korean Embassy in Sweden, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Indonesia

A south korea 'hanji' artist park chul submit

-virtual exhibition from Dec. 21 to Jan. 6, 2021, VIP preview from Dec. 19 to 21.

A traditional korean paper 'hanji' artist park chul, will present the 'Ensemble' series at the "CI, Contemporary Istanbul 2020" in Turkey. The 'Contemporary Istanbul 2020' will be carried out through the virtual platform. The virtual exhibition runs from December 21 to January 6, 2021. VIP preview will run for three days from Dec. 19-21.

Chul PARK. Ensemble 18-34. 2018.
Korean paper Natural dyes. 66x66cm

Park Chul brings back memories through the rhythm created by touching and tapping on daily objects that are engraved with traces of life in the rural town in which he spent his childhood. Instead of painting with a soft brush, Park uses a hard brush to physically tap on objects to restore life to their expressions and breaths. Nicknamed the "straw mat artist," Park Chul finds, touches and taps on a variety of straw mats, molding and summoning the spirit of Korean tradition to the present time and space.

Revived through thousands of touches and taps, the energies floating around the objects saturate through the various traditional papers, especially hanji. The existence of these energies is laid bare across dozens of pieces of paper, unable to escape Park¡¯s summons.

It was a passionate response to his reckless and stubborn call. His method is completely manual and embodies the very essence of "portrait of body, spirit, and sweat." Park¡¯s works may be regarded as simply making a rubbing of the outward form of an object, but, in fact, his working process is surprisingly difficult and complicated.

His works are suggestive of molding in sculpture, especially the casting process. In other words, his creations are not the result of direct molding of an object but rather a crystallization of the whole object¡¯s body and spirit, as well as the perspiration and spirit of the artist, who cast various objects with cement and squeezed hanji into the impressions of the objects engraved inside the mold, before pressing, tapping and emptying the mold, which symbolizes the unification of subject and object as one.

While Park made limited use of acrylic paint in order to accentuate the colors and tones of hanji as his main medium, the foundation of his unique coloring stem from traditional dyeing techniques using natural dye.

By Dong-chul Kwon,, October 30th, 2020

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