HIROMITA - Whimsical Way of Being. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas. 45x45cm

HIROMITA - Vivacity. 2023. Mixed Media & Potpourri on Canvas. 30x30cm

HIROMITA - A little Reckless. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas. 25x25cm

HIROMITA - Feeling Complete. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas. 70x70cm

HIROMITA - Flowing. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas. 40x30cm

HIROMITA - Dream Guardian. 2023. PLA Sculpture, Spray Paint. 15x13x13cm

HIROMITA - Kindred Spirit. 2023. Mixed Media Sculpture. 45x24x16cm

HIROMITA - Hello Dream Guardian. 2023. PLA Sculpture, Spray Paint. 24x24x21cm

Melek Anqi Kocasinan

.........ANQI (Melek Anqi Kocasinan/ Ѯ) is a contemporary artist of Turkish-Taiwanese descent, celebrated for her vibrant mixed media paintings and digital art. She is the creator of the Asian-inspired character, Hiromita. ANQI earned her graduate degree at Yale University and pursued further studies in fashion design and illustration. Her creations explore themes of individuation and authenticity, referencing popular culture and analytical psychology. Embracing both traditional and digital techniques, ANQI's playful style intertwines elements of Asian and Western cultures, resulting in visually striking and evocative pieces.

.........The heart of ANQI's artistic expression lies in her iconic character, Hiromita, inspired by Asian manga characters from her childhood and traditional Chinese rooftop cat figurines believed to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits. Hiromita embodies a tiger-spirited cat that defies societal norms by staying true to herself while fostering genuine connections with others.

.........ANQI's captivating character, Hiromita, appears in various forms in her artwork, including mixed media paintings, digital art, NFTs, and sculptures. Through Hiromita, ANQI encourages viewers to embrace their individuality without conforming for acceptance from others and invites audiences to celebrate their uniqueness. In 2023, ANQI's brand collaboration with CoolBitX for the "CoolWallet x HIROMITA" NFT collection brought her international recognition.


2023, "Hiromita"' Solo Show, Deppo29 Art Gallery, Ankara
2023, 9th ARTAnkara Contemporary Art Fair, AB Gallery Korea, Ankara
2023, "Meta", Group Exhibition, Tilki Sanat Gallery, Izmir
2022, "Women of the World", Group Exhibition, NowHere Gallery, New York City
2022, Ekim Gecidi (October Parade), Group Exhibition,
.........Cankaya Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara
2022, "SummerArt Bodrum", Group Exhibition, MAJI Art Gallery, Bodrum
2021, 16th Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey
2021, 5th Artweeks@Akaretler, Istanbul
2021, "Homo Sacer", Group Exhibition, Tilki Sanat Art Gallery, ?zmir, Turkey
2021, II. Istanbul Art & Antiques Fair (IAAF), Istanbul
2021, Bodrum Art Fair, Bodrum, Turkey
2021, "Dream Objects", Solo Show, Karl&Ein Gallery, Istanbul
2021, ArtContact Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair
2021, "Tan? Olmak", Group Exhibition, Cankaya Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara


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