Traveler Heart. 2023. Acrylic on Canvas 195x200cm

About Lutfu kaplanoglu's paintings

.........The fact that Lutfu Kaplanoglu's understanding of art is based on human and nature takes the viewer on a unique journey that confronts lived experiences and aims to reach its essence. On this journey, he gives clues about the landscapes that appear in the minds of individuals as a reflection of his deep thinking.

.........The artist presents to the viewer on the axis of the "now", as a longer and clearer path, where the figures leave behind their past full of devotion and look to the future. In fact, this emphasizes what humanity needs most in every work, the power of hope.

.........Kaplanoglu, who, as a witness from within life, places the human stance towards life and dreams in lyrical landscapes with his storyteller style, transforms the thin lines drawn between going and staying into a tendency to go away from the crowd by depicting them with different light forms in the color blend.

.........Figures are sometimes seen alone and sometimes with companions.... These scenes, which are perceived as loneliness at first glance, begin to suggest the questioning attitude of individuals free from social burdens in the holistic evaluation of the paintings.

.........As a painter who has succeeded in adding silence to his paintings as if to say silence is the loudest scream, Lutfu Kaplanoglu promises to be a traveler of the inner world.


1973 Born in Turkiye
1998 Graduated from Ataturk University, Faculty of Fine Arts,
.....Painting Department, with the first degree.
1998 - 2014 Associate Professor , Ataturk University, Faculty of
.....Fine Arts Painting Department 2014 Full Professor, Yildiz Technical University,
.....Faculty of Art and Design, Art Department


1998 - Vehip Atalay Art Gallery, Erzurum, Turkiye
1998 - Mazhar Zorlu Art Gallery, Izmir. Turkiye
2000 - Royal Resort Foyer, Antalya, Turkiye
2009 - Ataturk University Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, Erzurum, Turkiye
2011 - 'East-West Synthesis' Double Minaret Madrasa Erzurum, Turkiye
2011 - Syntesis Press Museum, Istanbul, Turkiye
2012 - The Arts Project. London Ontario, Canada,
2012 - PrintmakingPainting Exhibition, Square Gallery Toronto / Canada
2012 - Anatolian Exhibition, Gallery Osram Huset Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 - Anatolia, Penguin Gallery, Malaga, Spain
2013 - 'Secret' Painting Exhibition, Dks Gallery, Istanbul, Turkiye
2014 - Purgatory, Dolmabahce Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkiye
2016 - Giz, Poppy Gallery, Istanbul, Turkiye
2017 - Arf, Engraving Exhibition, Mod-Ada Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkiye
2018 - 'Hittite' Codes Painting and Engraving Exhibition, Gallery Mod, Istanbul, Turkiye
2019 - Codes Of Hittite,Printmaking Exhibition La Salona, Claudad Real, Spain
2020 - 'Rem' Gallery Gallry Soyut, Ankara, Turkiye
2020 - 'Anatolia' IAAF Art Fair Solo Stand, Istanbul, Turkiye
2021 - Codes 'Codes' Y.T.U. Historical Turkish Bath Gallery , Istanbul, Turkiye
2021 - A Moment at Eternity: Later, Maji Art Gallery Istanbul, Turkiye
2022 - Later, Press Art Museum Gallery, Istanbul,Turkiye

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