Dreamer Series - An Inept Traveler 22-1. 2022. 43.5x62.0x178.0cm

Cover of Solo Exhibition Brochure. December 2022.

Cover of Solo Exhibition Brochure. October 2022.

Leaflet of Solo Exhibition Brochure. October 2022.


.........The dreamer is the one who dreams and the sculptor is myself. I am telling my personal story, which starts with a recollection of my poor childhood. I became an adult and had a family. I want to give my precious family a rich and happy life, which is the universal story of a father and husband in the time I live in. In my sculptural work, many surreal elements appear. This was largely influenced by a picture book by Zdzis©©aw Beksi?sk and Rene-Magritte that I stumbled upon when I was in high school.

.........At the time, I was immersed in figurative sculpture, and this feast of bizarre, unique compositions and symbolic elements came as a great shock to me. Stairs to nowhere, elongated columns, clouds, chairs, and distorted human bodies recurred as symbolic components representing their artistic practice. Everyone dreams of their own space, which can also be shaped by dreams, which start from the unconscious and become formally visualized by the artist's imagination.

.........I infuse my emotions through the material of bronze to represent the hardships, adversity, and weight of life that must be borne for an ideal life. Among my works, the Gate series has one thing in common: they are not representations of objects. They feature elongated buildings, wooden representations of clouds, and staircases reaching up into the air. They arouse curiosity in the viewer. Through the human figures with their unique silhouettes, I wanted to represent the common denominator of modern people.

.........In particular, the figures of little fairies with mischievous expressions in my works are colorful in a lighthearted, sometimes disturbing state, as they contain the pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy of life. These surreal symbols, born from my dreams and subconscious, have become my own formative language. The ultimate goal of my work is for everyone to live happily ever after. I dream of a world where we can live together and pass on the beautiful nature to the next generation.

.........Therefore, I naturally became interested in environmental issues in order to pass on a healthy planet to the next generation. I even use coffee bags that can be recycled many times because they don't decay. As an artist, I also denounce environmental problems by revealing the reality of suffering from fine dust and yellow dust with an object called an oxygen mask. I hope that my personal dreams will communicate with the people who view my sculptures and that they will all become dreamers.


2022, Mobius Strip, Hanger Tree Art Polygon, Gwangju, Korea
2022, Dream, Imagination Arts Warehouse, Naju, Korea
2022, Dreamer: The clumsy traveler, Kim Internal Medicine Hospital, Gwangju, Korea
2021, Time Traveler, Gangjin Art Hall, Gangjin, Korea
2019-2020, Dreamer: City of the Blind, Hanger Tree Art Polygon, Gwangju, Korea
2018, Dreamer: Memory Stories, Yeongmu Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
2016, Dreamer: The evolution begins, Topohouse, Seoul, Korea
2011, Silence Hill Dreamer, Won Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
2010, City of Dreamers, Mudeung Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
2009, Gray City, Sungbo Gallerey, Seoul, Korea
2008, Gate, Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2022~2008 15 times


2022~1997 about 100 times


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