DANCING FLOWER 22-12. 2022. Mixed Media on Canvas. 61.0x61.0cm

NUDEVEKIA FLOWER -1. 2022. Mixed Media on Canvas. 53.0x45.5cm

NUDEVEKIA FLOWER -2. 2022. Mixed Media on Canvas. 53.0x45.5cm

AFRICA WOMAN. 2022. Mixed Media on Canvas. 53.0x45.5cm

BABY GIRL. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas.91.0x91.0cm


Participated ARTANKARA with AB Gallery Korea, Ankara, Turkey
Solo Show "DOUBLE IMAGE" at Walkinghouse-New York, South Korea
Solo Show "His Blooming" at Gala Art Center, New York, USA
Participated ARTCONTACT ISTANBUL, with AB Gallery Korea, Istanbul, Turkey
Participated Group Exhibition, Gold Prize Winner
.....of the Young Artists Competition, K.C.C. NJ, USA
Participated AFID, with AB Gallery Korea, Daegu, Korea
Solo Show, Grand Artfair, Seoul Shilla Hotel
Urban Brake Artfair, with Olivia Park Gallery
Participated Group Show, AK ART SALON/
Yang Si-Young, Lee Tae-Sung, Shepard Fairey, Zeus Monsieur,
.....Katrina Ostashvsky, Phillip Colbert,
Solo Show, His BLOOMING 2, K.C.C. NJ, USA
Participated CONTEMPORARY ISTANBUL, with AB Gallery Korea,
Solo Show, Artfair 14C, NJ, USA


New York Kcal Group Show "ONENESS", One Art Space Gallery, New York, USA
Participated New York Art Student League SUSAKF Group Show, New York, USA
LA ART SHOW (Convention Center), Los Angeles
Participated group exhibition by art student leagues of New York
.....(Phyllies Harriman Mason Gallery) New york, U.S.A.
Presented artist @yangsiyoung_art insta story in @asinyc
Studied at the Art Students League in New York City
yangsiyoung x Seoul city collbolation by media art at metro station,
.....Seoul, South Korea,
Bank art fair Coex Seoul
Participated group exhibition Of Korean Pesident Office Lobby in
.....Yongsan Seoul, Republc Korea
Monaco art fair
Participated group exhibition Of Mirae Asset Company
Solo Exhibition "An artist who Paints From the Heart" Kate Oh Gallery
.....New York Manttan Madson Avenue
Kate Oh Gallery solo Exhibition
gallery eyn_arte solo Exhibition
President Yoon Seok-yeol's participation in the lobby door stepping exhibition
.....on the first floor of the Yongsan office


Seo-gu Public Art Project 'Han-ma-dang Exhibition'- Imagination State blooms
.....with culture and art from the old site
Participated in 2021 Special Exhibition / Stepping Stone by K8P Gallery,
.....Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
SK Telecom Invitational Como Media Art individual Exhibition
.....at Euljiro Headquarters, Seoul
(Concurrently held at Daejeon Headquarters)
Who is Next? (Yeosu Art Land)
Bank Art Fair (COEX InterContinental Hotel)
Incheon Asia Art Show
Seoul City Museum of Art Planning "Because the Road is Too
.....Far and Paper is small"
Three nations (South Korea, Chana, Japan) Special Exhibition
hosted by Mofa/ Main artist, Bama
SK Telecom V-coloring service (rape blosomes, a picnic under the cherry blossoms)
SK Telecom invitational Como Media Art Exhibition at Euljro Headquarters, Seoul
BIAF exclusive booth solo exhibition Korea representive artist intemation section
Seoul Art Show exclusive Booth solo exhibition The biggest sold out artist
Higher music Collaboration/ Yang Si Young x Bignauat boi/ intertest benefit
.....to Korea disabled artist association Seoul South Korea
Gwangju Creative Economy Planning, Yang Siyoung's music video star


Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall Invitation "Yang Si-young" Exhibition,
Participated in the 'Art Workshop R' project in collaboration
.....with Hoban Construction hosted by Disabled,
Listed as one of the top 3 most sold artists by BAMA,
Topo House Gallery, Insa-dong, Seoul 'The 18th Solo Exhibition
.....of Yang Si-young Dyed in a pumpkin'
Selected as a collaborator for Lakeside Construction Resom Forest
Solected as 'unist ent' collaborating artist to which
.....President Cheolgu, Jihye, and others belong.
Participated as an artist selected for Seoul Modem Art Show,
Invitation artist at Gwangju 'All Together' Art Fair.
Hibiscus Art Fair statue exhibition at the National Assembly,
Participated in Busan Intemational Art Fair (BAMA),
Participated in the invitation exhibition 'The New Normal' at the K&P Gallery,
.....Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
Participated in the mentor-mentee invitation exhibition at Hansae Gallery,
.....Busan National University of Education
Participated in Art Center Seoul, Art & Culture Exchange Project.
Group Exhibition at LA Modem Art, Los Angeles,
Participated in Sk Bosingak Temple exhibition, Seoul Korea,
Individual exhibition ¡®Nature and People¡¯, Hansae Gallery,
.....Busan National University of Education,
Bama online weekly best, The biggest soldout artist


Seoul Disabled, Hongdae Kr Imagination Court, "Heartism"
LG Science Park Happiness Floor "Artrim 6 Person Exhibition" invitation,
Seoul Arts Center Kim Geun-tae Individual Exhibition Disabled
.....Collaboration Exhibition invitation Exhibition
The individual competition for the 5 alliance tour in Gwangiu,
Prism Exhibition invited by Parliament to collaborate with London College of Art,
Invitation Exhibition to Citizens Art College hosted by Gwangju Art Center
50 Individual Exhibition to Celebrate Gwangju World Aquatics,
Invitation Exhioition to KES Broadcasting station in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do "Artrim"
Participated in the "Beautiful 100 Artists Exhibition" at the Art Center
.....in Ansan, Gyeonggido,
Participating in the "Bridge the Gap" exhibition to commemorate the international
.....Humanitarian Day at the UN Peace Memorial in Busan
Special individual exhibition of "Heartism in Gwangju" hosted by
.....Disabled (Jinhan Museum of Art)
Participation in 2019 SPRIT of ART at Topo House in Insa-dong hosted by
.....Korea Natural Art Association,
Individual Exhibition "Disabled Artist Relay", Dongdamun Megabox
.....hosted by Disabled Artist
Participated in Team Exhibition of Artrim at Gangnam Bow Gallery, Seoul
Participated in Team Exhibition, "Sprit of Art", K&P Gallery in New York, USA
Invitation Exhibition at K&P Gallery, New York, USA,
Individual Exhibition, "Disabled & Yang Si-young", Korta headquarter in New York, USA.
Individual Exhibition, Loe & Lee Gallary in Los Angeles, USA


Jeonnam High School Individual Exhibition
Shinyong Elementary Schoo! Invitation individual Exhibition
Invitational Exhioition of Members of Parliament at the National Assembly
Gwangju Arts Street, Jinhan Art Museum individual exhibition,
Seoul Disabled COEX invitation Exhibition


Jeonnam High School Individual Exhibition
Nokwon Gallery's individual exhibition

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