OPEN TIME 23-1. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas. 40.9x53.0cm

OPEN TIME 23-2. 2023. Mixed Media on Canvas. 40.9x53.0cm

OPEN TIME 22-1. 2022. Oil on Canvas. 60.6x72.7cm

OPEN TIME 22-2. 2022. Oil on Canvas. 53.0x65.1cm

OPEN TIME 22-3. 2022. Oil on Canvas. 45.5x53.0cm


.........Painting the subject of time, which he felt as a human being, Changyeol Kang persistently digs into the problem of time and space, which peops through his paintings about the meaning of time symbolized by the natle think of as order, and tries to reinterpret it in his own way. He speakure of objects as shapes trapped in space. He further asks and answers the meaning of modern people's existential life through the fundamental shape of human existence that stands above the meaning of time. The nature he looked at was the naturalness that exists in disorder. A small stone in the mountains or a small stone by the water are both the same stone, but in what place is the stone most beautiful? Kang Chang-yeol believes that stones are most beautiful when they are placed in their original place.

Born in 1948
25 solo exhibitions and 2 duet exhibitions
Over 400 international and group exhibitions


Awarded Artist of the Year by the Korean Art Monthly Magazine
Gold Medal at the 2005 Beijing International Art Fair
Korea Green Art Award


Served as a jury member of the Korea Art Exhibition
.........Steering Committee for 20 times


Korea National Museum of Contemporary Art
Korea Government Complex
Chagall Museum in Japan
Asan Hospital, Seoul
Samsung Publishing House, Seoul.

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