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Seon-Ghi BAHK. An Aggregation Plan. 2016. Charcoal, wood, black ink, etc., 3pcs. 123x25cm

¢ºCourtesy of Seon-Ghi BAHK: Fiction of the Fabricated Image is a recent installation by Seoul based artist Seon-Ghi BAHK, in his installation series titled 'An Aggreation'. Currently presented at the Zadok Gallery in Miami, The installation is a sheer work or abstraction and delicacy where the artist intention is to explore the relationship between nature and humans.

Bahk¡¯s uses charcoal pieces hung by nylon threads to represent architectural forms and elements from which floating and crumbling particles defragment out. The installation has unique appeal to it because of the paradox created in the art work. The artist combines a strong depiction of columns or structural elements along with a feeling of explosion creating a contrast through fragments.

His intentions of highlighting the debility of humans in the face of nature are clearly illustrated in his work, where the decaying and fragile nature of the columns overpowers its strength and stability. Rather than considering nature as the setting for its development, Bahk elucidates it as a vital part of our civilization. He says "Our quest to control nature is only an liiusion, Infact, our development is purely impossible without her". The installation is open to visitors in Florida and is leaving its visitors . - By Parantap Bhatt.

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