Bu-Yong HWANG, Korea/ Chang-Yeol KANG, Korea/ Sang-Chol WON, Korea/ Min-Kyo KIM, Korea/
Min-Sook CHO, Korea/ Soon-Young YANG, Korea/ Young-Sil LEE, Korea/ Hyun-Suk KIM, Korea/ Jae-Soon ROH, Korea/
Young HAN, Korea/ Ye-Ji RYU, Korea/ Yokub BEKNAZAROV, Uzbekistan/ Nuriddin RASULOV, Uzbekistan/
Jakhongir BOBOKULOV, Uzbekistan/ Sharifa SHARAFKHODJAEVA, Uzbekistan/ Tatyana LI, Uzbekistan/
Antanas SAVICKIS, Lithuania/ Mustafa Serdar UZELGICICI, Turkey/ Claudia SCHMIDT, Switzerland/
Victor SCHTIVELBERG, Germany/ ZHANG Xiaogang, China/ Theo TOBIASSE, Israel/

For the celebrating the Happy New Year 2020, the exhibition
'20+20' will feature 40 works by 11 Korean and 11 foreign artists selected.
The exhibition period is from Tuesday, December 24, 2019,
to Saturday, February 8, 2020.

▶위 사진을 누르시면 유튜브에 올려놓은 '20+20 뱅뱅전' 관련 크리스마스 이브 모임 동영상을 보실 수 있습니다.
▶Click on the above photo to watch a video of the Christmas Eve meeting about the contemporary painting exhibition 'VINGT+VINGT(20+20)' on YouTube.

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